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Sydney rock oysters from the purest Australian waters


The Sydney Rock Oyster is one of the world’s highest grade hand-selected oyster with a lasting deep, rich and sweet flavour.


The unique feature of a Sydney Rock Oyster is its innate ability to capture the merroir in which it grows. Its beauty lies in its capacity to represent not only the environment in which it grows, but the farmer’s ability to let it reveal its true nature.



Discover the delicious taste of Pacific Oysters, a global favourite that has become an integral part of Australia's oyster industry.

These oysters thrive in the cool waters along the southern coast of Australia and are under carefully managed environmental conditions.


With a smoother, more delicate flavour than their Sydney Rock counterparts, Pacific Oysters are celebrated for their plump, creamy texture and nuanced taste. Try them raw or indulge in creative recipes showcasing their versatility.


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About Oyster Lux

OysterLux are here to bring to your event, a fun and entertaining addition, with fresh oysters and roving shuckers, your guests will be delighted!

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Caviar & Oyster

Learn the art of shucking with the legendary King of Oysters, Pete Hilcke. In this two-hour masterclass, Pete will guide you through the steps to perfectly open an oyster and pairing with the best Caviar in the world.

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We are proud to serve the premium Polanco Siberian Reserve Baerii Black Caviar –  wild-raised on a pristine river in Uruguay – offering a delicate texture with long buttery flavours and a touch of walnuts and dried fruits

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