At Oyster Lux, we are proud to serve the premium Polanco Siberian Reserve Baerii Black Caviar,  wild-raised on a pristine river in Uruguay. Polanco Caviar offers a delicate texture with long buttery flavours and a touch of walnuts and dried fruits. A beautiful tasting experience, full of character for expert palates.


The fish are milked for roe entirely by hand, once a year, under a completely natural anaesthetic of clove oil, and are then gently placed back in their ponds to spawn again the following year. Following strict UK soil association guidelines for organic aquaculture, the farm has banned the use of any antibiotics, chemicals or additives.


The result is a superb quality roe which is salted with premium sea salt flakes to produce bright, plump and flawless caviar - bursting with flavour.

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Sydney Rock Oysters

Appellation Oysters is a premium grading program, designed for the identification and selection of the best quality oysters available on any given day.

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About Oyster Lux

OysterLux are here to bring to your event, a fun and entertaining addition, with fresh oysters and roving shuckers, your guests will be delighted!


Our Team

Our signature service comes with a team of highly skilled, graceful and warm staff. We pride ourselves on our excellence in product training and industry knowledge with our team shucking up to 60 - 70 oysters per hour. 

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