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OysterLux is dedicated to elevating any event as we shuck and serve up the freshest raw seafood to you and your guests. We have been collaborating with leading brands and events since 2018 to deliver successful corporate and private hospitality environments, dinners, conferences and product launches.

We believe our success is in creating a roaming dining experience that excites, engages and endears our clients.


The All In One Package (starts from $1056.00 incl GST)

The All In One package is for large events and includes:
  • Unlimited roving shuckers to cater for the event 

  • 10 dozen oysters Sydney Rocks or Pacific

  • Condiments including lemon, Tabasco sauce, vinaigrette and our special Oyster sprays


Staff only Package (starts from $445.50 incl GST per shucker)

The staff only package is suitable for clients who have organised and purchased their own oysters and would like our team to service the event with our highly experienced team.

This package includes:

  • Unlimited roving shuckers to cater for the event 

  • 3 hour service (minimum)


​Oyster Bar Package (starts from $1056.00 incl GST)

The Oyster Bar package is suitable for clients who would like to offer an Oyster experience with a stationary Oyster Bar at their event. 

This package includes:

  • 10 or 20 Doz Oysters Sydney Rock or Pacific Oysters

  • 1 or 2  x OysterLux team members

  • Oyster Bar Props

  • Condiments including lemon, Tabasco sauce, vinaigrette and our signature sprays

​Please note one roving shucker can comfortably cater for 60 - 100 guests

Caviar Bump (starts from $35/head) or contact to customise

Imagine pairing the indulgence of caviar with the theatrical oyster shucking experience. It adds a layer of sophistication and novelty to your roaming service, appealing to a high-end audience seeking exquisite culinary experiences.

black plate oysters and shuck knife

Sydney Rock & Pacific Oysters

Embarking on a journey through Australian oysters introduces a world of flavours that reflect its waters and the country's diverse marine environments.

Oyster masterclass.jpg

Caviar & Oyster Masterclass

Learn the art of shucking with the legendary King of Oysters, Pete Hilcke. In this two-hour masterclass, Pete will guide you through the steps to perfectly open an oyster and pairing with the best Caviar in the world.


Our Team

Our signature service comes with a team of highly skilled, graceful and warm staff. We pride ourselves on our excellence in product training and industry knowledge with our team shucking up to 60 - 70 oysters per hour. 

Event Enquiry

For more information and help with customising your event, give us a call or fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Phone: 1300836540  |  Email:

Thanks for your enquiry. We will be in contact shortly.

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